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Kids’ Room Décor Creates a Special World

A child’s special little place to call their own is their bedroom (even if they have to share with a sibling.) The décor of the room can express their taste and sense of identity. Yet, left to their own choices, children might want bizarre combinations of color and furnishings. Let a child peruse the Kids’ Room Décor section on our website, and they can identify with the room design that they will enjoy and you can be proud of. Behind the scenes at HABA, we have high quality, longevity and practicality in mind, something we know parents appreciate. Many of our products serve more than one purpose, doing double duty, saving space and money. For example, HABA offers seating that is also storage (the Seating Cube Rose Fairy or Seating Cube Pirates Treasure, both $49.99) and playmats that are also serve as carpeting. A colorful rug that accents a room can suddenly inspire a child to run their toy cars or trains over it, heading off on journeys on the Traffic Play Area Rug ($129.99). Or they may want to take stuffed animals and dollies for neighborly visits on the Play World Area Rug ($219.99). HABA’s tents are another decorating item that do double duty. They provide a dreamy place to escape to for reading, daydreaming and pretending. We’re not the only ones who feel that way about our tents either. PTPA Media (Parent Tested Parent Approved) named HABA’s Caro Lini Play Tent and Pirate’s Treasure play tents award-winning products! Do you have a little adventurer in the making? Encourage that growing imagination with the Ships See Saw Swing ($329.99) for girls and boys. Style the room with travel-related décor that will encourage your young one to explore the world. Encourage cleaning up with a jewelry box that looks like a plush froggy (Magic Frog Jewelry Box ($16.99). Using hooks for sweaters to bathrobes with a farm theme (Wardrobe Hanger Farm, $28.99) the adorable room your children helped create stays looking tidy.  Develop your child’s decorating taste from the start with HABA’s room décor options for nurseries. Your baby can soar to new heights in our Aircraft Swing ($139.99). The Color Fun Play Gym ($67.99) is white and sleek-looking with colorful wooden disks and a little frog that makes noise and charm babies. The animals revolve around the farm in My First Play World-Farm Friends Mobile ($39.99) entertaining your infant when suspended over a crib. Whether you’re planning a nursery, or a preschooler’s room, HABA’s kid’s room décor can set your imagination and your child’s free. And because HABA’s products are made to last, the items will be there for your child, their siblings and to pass on to future generations.

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