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JManAndMillerBug.com - Basic Domino Review & Giveaway

Make Play Fun Again with HABA Toys! {Review & Giveaway}

Jeannette over at jmanandmillerbug.com posted a great review of our Building Blocks Basic Domino Pack. Her son and husband have been enjoying this set and from the looks of it, have completely taken over their dining room with it! Check out what she had to say:

JManAndMillerBug.com - Basic Domino Review & Giveaway"We had the chance to try out the HABA Building Blocks Basic Domino Pack and it completely thrilled the little builders in my house!  As most of you who follow me know, J-Man loves to build just about anything.  From boxes to blocks, if it can be stacked and built he loves it!  So when I saw this domino building blocks set, I knew that it was something that would draw him in instantly!"

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