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Amber from Jade Louise Designs recently reviewed our Pure Nature Doll Leafy Girl. check out what she had to say! "Germany is known for being environmentally conscious and friendly. So it should be no surprise that the Haba brand is too! Haba usually works primarily with wood from reforested trees. But sometimes they branch out. Such is the case with this adorable Pure Nature Doll Leafy Girl. This sweet little plush doll will definitely make your little one happy! Her super soft organic cotton body makes her extra cuddly. She is just the right size for easy clutching. And she is perfect for babies 6 months or older. All of the  HABA Pure Nature series toys are  made of high quality, washable materials obtained through a sustainable use of resources that ensures protection for our environment. All cotton is 100% organic from controlled organic farming." Read full entry  

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