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Is That True? Learning to Read at an Early Age Has Advantages Far Beyond Simple Literacy?

  img_4298-1Life is all about continuous learning and evolution. Every stage comes with its specific challenges, limitations and success stories that help us further develop for the future. From an early age, we have the ability to start overcoming the specific age limits so that we might benefit from the wide range of advantages that come from proper evolution. In terms of reading skills, possessing these from an early age comes with a serious list of benefits that go far beyond simple literacy. Teaching a child early-on about the importance of literacy brings multiple benefits for the future of your child in the academic field. One of the reasons for this is represented by the fact that reading plays a key role in formal education. Moreover, the range of advantages that come for children who learn to read from an early age also spread from the educational field to the neurological, social, linguistic and psychological levels. The Benefits of Reading at a Neurological Level Studies done over time have revealed that reading plays an important role in the process of brain development in the case of children. This is mainly because young minds have the ability to learn much faster than people in other stages of life. Moreover, a series of important connections in the brain are established at a very early age in life. The connections come as the result of proper stimulation that a child can receive from early experiences. Furthermore, these will become the basic elements involved in the process of future learning and will highly shape the intellectual ability of the child in the future. The Psychological Advantages of Early Reading Another important range of benefits for children who learn to read from an early age comes from the psychological segment of life. Self-confidence and independence come easily into the life of a child who simply enjoys reading when he/she is very young. When such habits become a family occupation, these benefits are emphasized even more because the child also creates a powerful connection with his/her parents, brothers and sisters based on this activity. Other advantages in this segment have also been discovered over time. For example, reading from early ages helps promote maturity, increases discipline and lays out the moral basis of literacy. Moreover, curiosity could not be sparked more using other methods than by reading. With the feeling of curiosity also come the answers and explanations about the way in which things function in life. Children are exposed to a serious range of problem-solving techniques through books that are appropriate to be read according to the specifics of every age. Creativity and imagination are ignited this way more than through any other activity in which young children could be involved. Social Reasons Why Early Reading Is Recommended Early reading comes with important advantages to mention from a social point of view as well. Studies have revealed the fact that children posses social awareness from a very young age. Teaching children to read from such early ages helps increase their social status. Moreover, being able to read will make them feel better about themselves; teir self-confidence will be properly boosted as well as the quality of the overall self-image they will create in their mind. All in all, there are endless advantages that come from teaching children to read from early ages. It is important to adapt any teaching technique to the specifics of each age and the personality and personal abilities of every child so that noticeable results might be obtained over time. Offer your children the chance to discover the world in nice way by reading the best travel books and they will always treasure this experience!

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