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Invite the Dancing Eggs to Family Game Night

Invite the Dancing Eggs to Family Game Night

dancing eggsHaving regular family game nights are a fun way to bring the whole family together, bonding over good, clean fun. It’s a great opportunity to emphasize important social skills like being patient, taking turns, being a good winner (and loser) and being supportive of one another. Add some really silly fun into the mix with our Dancing Eggs Game and you have a family game night you’ll want to repeat again and again.

In Dancing Eggs, whichever player catches the “Dancing Egg” has to run around the table with the egg nestled under their chin, between their knees, under their arm – imagine the fun as the whole family makes their way around trying to keep from dropping their egg. Try not to laugh too much or you’ll surely drop it! Oh, and beware of egg thieves. You never know when your carefully smuggled egg might get snatched.

Inside the box you’ll find 9 bounding rubber eggs, 1 wooden egg, 1 red action dice and 1 “where to place the egg” dice and, of course, complete instructions. The winner will be the person who pinches the most eggs and collects the most points but with bouncy eggs, one valuable wooden one and the ever-present possibility that someone will drop one of their eggs, ending the game, it’s quite a challenge. Dancing Eggs is the “boisterous bouncing game” for 2-4 players ages 5 and up.

Don’t be surprised to find yourself bouncing eggs, shouting cock-a-doodle-doo and doing the ever-popular and very funny egg dance with the entire family. Run around the table as fast as you can. The player who makes their way back first gets the egg from the box. Can you just imagine? It’s going to be great fun with the kids.

The Dancing Eggs Game has won the Major Fun! “Keeper” award and the NAPPA Honors Award. Watch this fun video to get a glimpse into why it’s such a popular game and an award-winner. Then find out for yourself why Dancing Eggs is a favorite during your own family game nights.

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