- Moover Doll Pram Review - Moover Doll Pram Review

In the Know Mom just shared a nice review of our Moover Pram. Check it out! "I always get excited when I find exceptionally high quality wooden toys for my kids.  Personally, there’s just something so pure and simple about wooden toys that make them desirable.  Plus, they seem to last forever and are able to withstand the abuse of being overly played with, without eventually looking completely tattered. - Moover Doll Pram ReviewMoover’s wooden toys do not disappoint as they have many wonderful features.  Besides being made of sustainable natural wood they are also effortless to put together. Their toys feature a “click key system” which requires absolutely no tools.  With Moover’s Wooden Doll Pram you don’t even have to put it together since it arrives already assembled.  Such a timesaver, especially if you plan to give the pram as a gift for the holidays.  Your child can play with it straight out of the box without having to patiently wait for it to be put together." Read the full post

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