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HopesCafe.com - Lilliputiens Baby Lucy Doll Review

HopesCafe.com Reviews HAbA's Lilliputiens Baby Lucy DollHopesCafe.com reviewed the Baby Lucy Doll! Check it out... "Seriously, Baby Lucy is so cute, any little girl would love the opportunity to play with and care for her. I love the fact that the entire doll, basket and accessories are soft, so baby can play with her at any age. There are no hard pieces, and no little pieces that come off and potentially be dangerous. Yet, while Lucy is safe for a newborn to snuggle with, she's detailed enough that a toddler will enjoy playing with her as well! What little girl wouldn't love to have their own little Lucy to tuck into bed, share secrets with, and enjoy as a snuggly, cuddly friend?!" Read the rest

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