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German Haba Toys launches new USA website + $75 GIVEAWAY!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Haba has always been one of my favorite baby toy companies- for their amazing free play wooden toys that I can trust for durability and safety! All Haba products come from reforested timbers and are "painted" with non toxic water based lacquers. Their playful designs spark playfulness and curiosity.  I was so excited to see the new Haba USA website~ great European toys are just a click away!

haba, wooden toys, waldorf, giveaway

All the toys I coveted for years(are now on my wishlist).............Thank goodness the site is easy to navigate with age categories and toy types! You can even build your own wishlist- mine is well over $5,000 :) I am warning you that there are just too many to love.

Like this organic baby teether!

haba, wooden toys, waldorf, giveaway

*Cotti Spelt Organic soft toy $28.99

The homeschool mama in me wants these wooden like woah!

haba, wooden toys, waldorf, giveaway

* Baroque Architectural blocks $44.99

Children need open ended play, not interrupted by buttons and sounds. Haba allows children to just be children. I received the new Building Blocks Domino starter set and happily watched my children play with it for hours- setting it up and watching it go. Repeating over and over.

Building Blocks Domino starter set

As usual the quality is outstanding, with vibrant colors and smooth edges. I absolutely love that all the pieces can be interchanged- so there is no right or wrong piece. My son is 4 and loves that he can do it himself- as Dominoes or just stacking. Open ended play that even my 3 yr old jumped in on.

Domino setThe Haba Domino set is geared for ages 3-10, and can be set up in simple rows, elaborate mazes, or half way through the living room. The Domino set can be used with any of the Haba marble track sets and additional Domino sets are available to compliment the starter package. My 7 yr old was all into the chain reaction set up.

haba, wooden toys, waldorf, giveawayIt took a few tries to get everything set up and running smoothly but the kids loved to see the marble knock over the dominos. It comes with 87 pieces- like I said hours of fun!

So- swing by the new Haba USA website and check out all that they have to offer. Trust me- you will fall in love! My only complaint is the lack of English instructions- perhaps I should take up German.

Visit the original post and enter to win your very own Basic Pack Domino Set!

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