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Help HABA USA Name This New Game!

Help HABA USA Name This New Game!

As loyal fan of HABA games, we're asking you for your help in naming the English version of this game!new game Here is a little bit about the game! The summer feast is coming up in the gnomes’ forest! For the forest animals there is nothing they like more! The gnomes have prepared a variety of fun games such as: a race up to the fairgrounds, balancing leaves on their heads, an amusing searching game and a flower memory game. Who wants to join in the feast of the forest gnomes and animals? A box packed full of games n’ fun that offers endless playing.  Includes 3 read out loud stories, 4 game ideas, and 5 puzzles for children ages 2 and up. Download the game instructions {pdf} for more details on the game! Leave your game name idea in the comments below the post on facebook, tweet it @ us (@HABA_usa) or email andrea@habausa.com Looking forward to hearing your ideas! We'll let you know soon who's name idea we choose! We appreciate your support in helping us bring this new game to the US!  

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