Help celebrate the #MakeClothMainstreamChallenge to WIN!

Help celebrate the #MakeClothMainstreamChallenge to WIN!

How are you celebrating Earth Day?HABA USA and Lassig USA were given the opportunity to sponsor the #MakeClothMainstreamChallenge throughout the month of April. You may have seen our posts about it on HABA USA's & Lassig USA's Facebook pages, as well as our instagram.  There is so much  social media buzz surrounding this great cause!

If you have no idea what we're talking about, here is a brief synopsis:

Eight great Eco-concious brands banned together to help increase awareness and ultimately help encourage families all across the world to give cloth diapers a try. These brands enlisted their large community of parents, as well as eleven well-known social media influencers to use their social media presence to help spread the word.  Throughout the 3-week challenge, members of the cloth diapering community along with these big influencers made a commitment to the environment to ditch disposables and use cloth diapers exclusively for three weeks. Or if they already use cloth, to leverage their experience to encourage and support others who are new to it.  Support and buzz can be seen in The Cloth Diaper Experience group on facebook, as well as across all the major social networks. Just use the hashtag #MakeClothMainstreamChallenge to see for yourself!  It was a HUGE success and exceeded everyone's expectations.  The level of 'cute' and positivity seen throughout the last 3 weeks cannot even be measured!

To culminate the challenge (but hopefully not end our participants' cloth diapering journey, but to help make their passion stronger) is the Great Cloth Diaper Change this Saturday April 18th. This is a yearly event held all around the world. To learn more about the Great Cloth Diaper Change, visit the event site. Use the tool at the top to find a location near you to join others in your local community to celebrate and change a diaper at the same time as thousands of other people! More importantly, The Great Cloth Diaper Change is a great way to celebrate earth day in a really fun and beneficial way!

partyheadermake cloth mainstream challenge google hangout eventJoin us this Saturday for a live chat to end our #makeclothmainstreamchallenge with a bang! We will have a full chat that evening with representatives from our sponsoring brands and even a few of the headlining participants from the challenge.

Our live chat will be hosted on Google+ as a Hangout on Air so anyone and everyone can watch. Joining us will be Jen from Spray Pal, Kim from Dirty Diaper Laundry, Amanda from The Eco-Friendly Family and Green Child Magazine, Melissa from qdSpray, our own Andrea from HABA/Lassig USA, a friend from AppleCheeks, Laura from GroVia, Kelly from Lillebaby, and more!

To join you can do it two ways. One is to RSVP on the event page and then hit play on the video in the page at 8 PM EST. The other is to view the video through YouTube as it is live.

We will be discussing the challenge and how it went for our participants along with the usual fun, off-topic banter that always seems to arise when we mix parents and live video streaming! If you haven’t been to one of these chats yet then you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s a fun way to spend an hour on your computer.

Want to WIN Some amazing prizes?

The #makeclothmainstream Challenge Grand Finale!

There are multiple ways to enter for multiple prizes from all of our sponsoring brands. We wanted a variety of entry methods because we realize not everyone uses Instagram or Twitter in addition to Facebook, so you get to choose where you share! Here’s how to enter:

Each brand has a graphic in a Facebook album with their logo on it. If you have a product by that brand in your home, snap a picture of it, share it on social media, and tag the brand! Be sure to use the #makeclothmainstreamchallenge hashtag as well Then COME BACK here and tell us where you shared it! If you know how to grab the link to the post on facebook, twitter, or instagram, that’s great! You can also pin it on pinterest and share that as well. Anything goes!!

Now, what if you really want to enter to win something but you don’t already own a product from that particular brand? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You can just find one of their products online and take a screenshot of what you would LOVE to buy and share that! Maybe your partner will see it and get some great hints for what to buy you for Mother’s Day coming up. Just be sure to follow the same rules as above…share the picture on social media, tag the brand, use the #makeclothmainstreamchallenge hashtag and then come back here and share the link or tell us where you shared it under the brand’s graphic.

Make sense? We know it may sound complicated at first since it’s a NEW way of doing things, but that’s why we started a day early. Once we all get the hang of it, it’s going to be super fun and easy!

Each brand will be giving away an amazing prize Saturday night after the Google + chat! HABA is contributing a Rainbow pacifier chain and Magic Triangles wooden clutching toy!

There’s also a grand prize which will drawn from entries on the rafflecopter form including a Lassig Green Label Neckline Bag! so make sure you enter below ! Let us know if you have any questions, we can’t wait to chat with you all tomorrow after the Great Cloth Diaper Change!

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