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HaveSippyWillTravel.com - Magic Leaf Ball Review

HABA Big Magic Leaf Ball Review

Danielle from havesippywilltravel.com shared how much her daughter enjoyed our Magic Leaf Ball. See what she had to say! HaveSippyWillTravel.com - Magic Leaf Ball Review"I couldn’t be more impressed with HABA, as well as this ball! As you can see in my picture, my daughter absolutely adores the ball. It is one of her favorite toy to play with, as well as to hit around on the floor and crawl to it and over it! I like how it has a rattle, a squeaker, as well as the crinkle sound going on! I like the toy itself, not to mention how wonderful it is to me that it is a pure nature organic toy! I worry about the toys that my kids play with, but I know that anything that I get from HABA is made with my small child in mind! I don’t have to worry about harmful products harming my children!" Read the rest of her post "Like" her blog on facebook!

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