A family sits playing a Rhino Hero board game.

Have Yourself A Cozy Hygge Holiday with HABA

What is Hygge?

It's cozy season, otherwise known as 'hygge season.' The Danish concept of hygge has gained popularity and more and more people are working to infuse their homes, holidays, and lifestyle with a spirit of hygge. Basically, creating hygge revolves around making things cozy and finding joy in simplicity and the beauty of the world around us. Hygge moments happen when you take time to savor not only the special moments but the simple everyday moments with your family. For example, sharing a cup of cocoa after a long day at school with your child or running outside to look at the first snowflakes. Hygge occurs when time slows down just a bit and you can give your body, mind, and spirit a rest from the hustle and bustle. Hygge is a way to live your life so that you can celebrate the small joys of life, have an opportunity to unwind, and take it easy. And what better time to incorporate the lessons of hygge lifestyle than the holidays.

Hygge at HABA

At HABA, our mission completely aligns with a hygge lifestyle. We believe that play allows families to connect deeply, to slow down, and to appreciate each other. For us, basically play equals hygge. What can be cozier than building a giant block castle or being captivated by a new doll? We’ve compiled a few ways to add some extra hygge this season with a few HABA toys by your side, as well as some ways to spread the joy of hygge and share it with family and friends.

A young boy is putting on a puppet show with HABA puppets.

Puppet Show Marathon

While movie marathons can be very cozy, having a puppet performance with your kids or grandkids as the stars of the show is even cozier and way cuter. To get ready for the big night, make lots of popcorn, have piles of blankets and lots of pillows for everyone to settle in, hang our easy doorway puppet theater, gather the puppets, and enjoy the show. You can even set up a hot chocolate bar! And perhaps the puppet performance will roll right into a game of charades or sharing some stories of favorite holidays over the years. Try to capture these moments on video, perhaps even asking what everyone is most grateful for. Nothing is more hygge than watching family movies as the years go by!

A young girl is reading a book to her HABA soft doll.

Create a Cozy Snuggle Nook for Dolls and Reading Stories

Kids love making forts, so enlisting their help to create a seasonal spot that is tucked away is guaranteed to make hygge happen! Add some fairy lights and lots of comfortable spots filled with pillows and blankets where kids can read and play with their dolls and stuffed animals. Whether you design a blanket fort draped over some furniture or drape gauzy fabric from a hook to make a canopy, encourage your children to bring in their stuffed pals for some magical tucked away moments. 

A family is playing a Rhino Hero game on the floor.

Set Up a Board Game Station

As we settle into full hygge season, board games are an essential component for the hygge lifestyle. Slowing down to play a game with your friends and loved ones is a sure way to create engagement, connection, laughter, and joy in simple play. Having a variety of games on hand in a spot that can be used as a board game station is a way to allow for spontaneous gaming moments to happen and  encourage quality time together. 

A young girl is playing in the snow with her doll.

Bringing the Hygge Outside 

Although people mostly think about hygge as an inside situation, connecting with nature while braving the elements is a very important aspect of hygge. In fact, if you live in a snowy climate, snow play is inherently hygge. Making snow angels, snow people, and igloos are all ways to celebrate the season and have fun together. In some communities, people take hygge to the next level and make ice lanterns and then decorate their neighborhoods lighting the candles each night. 

Gathering natural elements from nature to bring inside for a nature table or to decorate the house is a great family activity that adds beauty and seasonal festivity. Foraging for evergreen branches, berries, pine cones, and acorns are just a few ways to bring a spirit of the natural world inside and make your house feel extra hygge.

However you choose to add hygge this season, we at HABA wish you all the coziness, togetherness, and joy that this season of light offers! 

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