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HappeningsOfTheHarperHousehold.net - Lilliputiens Ophelie and Her Chicks Review

HappeningsOfTheHarperHousehold.net Reviews Lilliputiens OphelieDanielle from HappeningsOfTheHarperHousehold.net and her family are having a great time with our Ophelie and Her Chicks! "Mama Ophelie has a jingly rattle inside and her wings are crinkly which is one of Willow’s favorite sounds plus she can hold a chick in her front pouch.  She is also a hand puppet and her large chubby belly perfectly holds the the ball/egg which makes keeping everything together super easy.  The “egg” has four openings which color correspond to Ophelie’s four numbered baby chicks which are finger puppets.  Each chick has a different sound including a cheeping noise, rattle, squeaker, and crinkly." Read the entire review

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