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HABA USA Returns to Gen Con For 3rd Year

HABA USA Returns to Gen Con For 3rd Year

genconhabaIt's almost that time again! HABA USA will return for the 3rd year in a row to Gen Con, one of the world's largest analog gaming fairs, held in Indianapolis at the Indiana Convention Center on August 4th-7th.

We will be located within the Family Fun Area in Booth #2106. Again we will be partnering with The Game Preserve, who operate four great game stores in Central, Indiana. We're very excited to be working with Steve, the General Manager and his staff once again for GenCon 2016.

We can’t wait to show you all of the new and exciting Fall 2016 games HABA will be debuting karuba-spielthis year including Games N' Fun - Forest Feastival, My Very First Games - Hanna Honeybee, Go Kuckoo! and many more!

In addition to our new games, we will also have many others from our line-up of popular games including Rhino Hero, Orchard, Animal Upon Animal and Karuba that was recently nominated for 2016 German Game of the Year (Spiel des Jahres)!

Schedule HABA on your Events Must Do list!  HABA is hosting THREE events.

1) Sneak Peek of HABA's New Family Games 2) What Game Should HABA Translate & Import Next? 3) Yes, Your Toddler Can Game! See below for event dates, times and details:

1) Sneak Peek of HABA's New Family Games Join the HABA Germany lead game designer, Markus Nikisch, to play prototype versions of new young-adult family strategy games that will be released this fall at Essen 2016.

Event Dates and Times: Thursday (8/4) @ 4 PM (ZED1696854) Friday (8/5) @ 4PM (ZED1696858) Saturday (8/6) @ 4PM (ZED1696859)

2) What Game Should HABA Translate & Import Next?peng HABA’s parent company in Germany publishes over 200 game titles & only 1/3 of them have made it to the USA. Come play some that haven't & help decide what we should translate & import next!

Games featured in “What Game Should HABA Translate & Import Next” event: 4321 – Hoppe Reiter (Clippety Clop in English), 300141 Peng! (POP! A Hedgehog Race in English, 4644 – Mucksmäuschenstill (Quiet as a Mouse in English), 4319 – Diego Drachenzahn (winner of the 2010 Kinderspiel des Jahres award | “children’s game of the year”).

Event Dates and Times: Thursday (8/4) @ 2PM (ZED1696478) Friday (8/5) @ 2PM (ZED1696856) Saturday (8/6) @ 2PM (ZED1696857)

3) Yes, Your Toddler Can Game!mvfg Bring your 2-5 yr. old to play games from the My Very First Games line. These focus specifically on sorting, matching, counting, stacking, listening, building, puzzles & color, & shape recognition.

Event Dates and Times: Sunday (8/7) @ 10 AM (KID1696855) Sunday (8/7) @ 11AM (KID1699646)

To register for these events, visit www.gencon.com. See you in Indy!  

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