HABA Toys Selected as Year's Best by Fit Pregnancy!

HABA Toys Selected as Year's Best by Fit Pregnancy!

fitpregIt's award season and we're happy announce a few more HABA products garnering attention in the toy and baby industry! Our friendly new infant toy Beetle Bodo, and our classic Stack and Learn Blocks were recently featured as Best Toy Award winner's in Fit Pregnancy & Baby, a national print publication with a Reach of 8 Million!!

Stack & Learn Blocks - Start developing your child's creativity early with our Stack & Learn Blocks. These six shapes, each with their own funky effect, can be combined with our other block sets for the ultimate building experience.

Beetle Bodo Bodo just loves to "hang around" and is sure to bring the fun wherever he goes! Featuring various play elements to keep little ones entertained at home or on the go. Whether it is his sweet face, the rustling foil, teething knot, mirror, rattle or plastic rings, or Bodo's bouncing (via elastic ties) - there will always be something exciting to reach for with Bodo!


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