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HABA Takes Safety to Heart

HABA Takes Safety to Heart

Throughout our 80+ year history, our goal has been to deliver toys with durability, safety and lasting design. HABA was the very first toy manufacturer in Germany to voluntarily bring our toys to a third party laboratory to have them tested & we proactively achieved the acclaimed ISO 9001 Certification in the 1990’s. Again in 2005, the Habermaaß company successfully passed the re-certification of DIN EN ISO 9001 and the new certificate ISO 14001. And since 2010 we have been able to mark our wooden toys made in Germany with the PEFC seal, which proves we use beech and birch wood from local, sustainable forests. What may appear just as a series of codes, these certificates guarantee a high-quality environmental management system and consistent product standards, compliance with all prevailing safety requirements and rigorous abiding of all environmental guidelines.

In the USA, our toys meet and often exceed the ASTM mechanical specifications required by the CPSIA. Yet they are additionally tested to meet the stringent European requirements for toy safety. We regularly visit all production sites across the world and have rigorous quality controls. Prior to market placement, the safety of the materials, the engineering process, the mechanical endurance testing and the actual use of our products are all tested and documented by independent, third party testing institutes.

HABA has successfully introduced a quality assurance system that includes all processes within our company from product development, purchasing, production and assembly to marketing. In fact, when our team invents a new product; a quality and safety team sit with our designers to ensure the safety in materials and design from the very beginning.

The basic principle that we follow is that each toy is only as safe as its materials. So wood, stains, paints and fabrics are continually checked and improved. Just like our finished toys, our raw materials correspond to all safety standards and laws:

  • We use woods from sustainable forestry in German forests.
  • All stains, paints & clear finishes are water-based and solvent-free. For decades, we have been working together with German supply partners to only use first-class stains, varnishes and print colors.
  • Materials for toys that we don’t produce in Bad Rodach are checked and monitored in Germany in their unprocessed form (e.g. paints in liquid form).

Yes, our products are adorable, educational, enriching and made to last generations. We are proud of all of that. We couldn’t have earned your trust, loyalty and business for more than seven decades if that wasn’t the case. To learn more about our safety practices, read here. And, of course, enjoy our website and our wide variety of products.

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