HABA Soft Fabric Groceries, Dolls Are Pretty Playthings That Spark Sharing & Manners

HABA Soft Fabric Groceries, Dolls Are Pretty Playthings That Spark Sharing & Manners

At Booth 431 Discover Sushi, Ribs, Hotdog, Pie & Condiments Soft To Touch As Kids Grocery Shop For Doll's Dinner Or As Chef Du Jour Skaneateles, NY -- HABA's richly detailed line of soft fabric foods spark growing imaginations and sometimes, conversations about regional foods. Since award-winning HABA is based in Germany, many of their soft play foods have a European flavor like their Weiner Schnitzel served with a slice of lemon. Visitors to their American International Toy Fair Booth 431 will notice some all-American favorites in their 2014 product line including Apple Pie ($13.50), Hotdog ($10) with Ketchup & Mustard ($3.60) that "squirts" red or yellow string. Soft doll "sisters" Lennja & Elin ($53) will also make their debut and would certainly enjoy a seat at a HABA-inspired make-pretend meal. There's no doubt that European crafted toys by HABA are pretty to behold and touch. But good manners and sharing are bonus lessons children absorb as they role-play with their grocery line of soft fabric foods. Give a child a paper plate and s/he can imagine a sandwich but playing with richly detailed soft play food from HABA gives children an extra level of sophistication. While younger children are happy with simple wooden toys and games, preschoolers three years and above can benefit from play with an extra facet. Consider the 2014 Sushi ($17) set that comes with chopsticks, a wooden block and bite-size Japanese foods. That's way better than an empty tea-party cup. When the parent or caregiver is enthusiastically offered food the child just "made" they should remember their own good manners with a hearty compliment to the chef! Unexpected details -- like the Salt and Pepper Grinders ($10) with rotating lids that make a real grinding sound -- are typical when buying a HABA toy. The following fabric foods will be available in Spring 2014:

HABA Pretend Play Food

                Another popular role-playing accessory is the doll or a doll game. HABA introduces three including their Spring 2014 catalog cover girls Lennja & Elin, sisters who come ready to play. A whole afternoon can be spent with Shona ($40) who arrives with a globe-trotting suitcase that unfolds to an apartment with a door-opening closet. Magnetic Game Dress-Up Doll Lilli ($15) is great for solo play or with big sister who knows a thing or two about style. Doll Sisters Lennja & Elin • Ages 3+ • $53 Double trouble or double the fun? These sweet siblings come with blonde yarn hair, daytime outfits and a sweet smile. Big sister wears hair pulled back with a pink scarf while freckled preschooler sports two tousled ponytails with red hair bands. Magnetic Game Dress-up Doll Lilli • Ages 3+ • $15 Pick the scene then select the outfit for a thought provoking game of dress-up with little Lolli. Self-contained game has a tin lid for magnetic fun. When play is done pack everything up and stack on a shelf or inside a backpack for travels in the backseat of the car. Doll Shona • Ages 3+ • $40 Open up an adventure with this red haired girl. Her home is tucked inside a hand-held suitcase with beautifully illustrated furniture like a mirrored chest of drawers. Portable play has never looked so pretty! HABA Soft Doll Shona and Accessories Find these beautifully crafted play things at specialty stores near home. Or browse and shop online here!

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