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HABA Puts Egyptian Spin On Reintroduction of Long Out-of-Print Favorite Gulo Gulo Game

HABA Puts Egyptian Spin On Reintroduction of Long Out-of-Print Favorite Gulo Gulo Game

The power of the internet is amazing!  We love the great feedback and fan interaction it has generated for us. It really bridges the gap between our company and our customers.  From our followers on twitter, fans on facebook (HABA USA & HABA USA Games), to our parent bloggers and instagrammers,  it's so great getting to know all of you. Reading your tweets and messages and getting a glimpse into your world via your photos, has really changed how we interact with our customers.  We no longer have to wonder what games people are playing or if people are having fun with our products. All we have to do is log in to social media, and there's bound to be a photo or a status update of someone (adults and kids alike!) playing with our product. It's really something special!

We've found that the board gaming community in particular is very active and vocal. Especially when it comes to letting it be known exactly what they want. For instance large gaming website BoardGameGeek.com gave their very dedicated and active member community the opportunity to nominate and vote on the 20 Most Desired Reprints of 2014.

Rio Grande Games - Gulo GuloA children's game called Gulo Gulo placed 5th with 86 votes and HABA took notice. Gulo Gulo is a children's game, but like many HABA games, is fun for adults. It was first published by Rio Grande Games in 2003,  but has been out of print for about five years.  Since then, copies can often be seen for sale on third party websites for quite a bit of money -- sometimes over $150!

Those looking for the game, but not willing to pay outrageous prices will be excited to hear that HABA has purchased the rights, put a slightly new and fun spin on it and will be reintroducing it to the US market this fall (2015)!  We are hoping to have copies at our GenCon booth (GenCon is the end of July/Beginning of August) and will have copies in stock for US distribution to Game Stores and for purchase online by September!

We present to you, HABA's version of Gulo Gulo -

Pharoah's Gulo Gulo - An exciting dexterity adventure for 2-6 players, ages 7-99! HABA Puts Egyptian Spin On Reintroduction of Long Out-of-Print Favorite Gulo Gulo Game

A long time ago, the Pharaoh Anopheles was cursed. Since then, his mummy has restlessly roamed the dark corridors of the pyramid, scaring away anyone who dares intrude. He has obstructed the path to the burial chamber with traps and boulders. Throughout the game, you must demonstrate your skill at evading the mummy trap! You may only continue ahead towards the burial chamber when you successfully remove a wooden boulder in the corresponding color of the space you want to reach, without allowing the Pharaoh's staff or another boulder to fall out. If you can do this, then you have deftly escaped the mummy's attention. But woe is he or she who attracts the wrath of the cursed mummy for they will quickly find themselves right back at the pyramid entrance. Will you be the first to reach the Pharaoh's sarcophagus and free the mummy of the curse?

Download instructions Visit the product listing for Pharoah's Gulo Gulo on HABAusa.com See what they're saying about the game on BoardGameGeek.com Watch our promo/how-to video for the game!

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