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HABA Perfects The Mud Pie With 2014 Line Of Kitchen, Sand & Daydreaming Toys

HABA Perfects The Mud Pie With 2014 Line Of Kitchen, Sand & Daydreaming Toys

Spielstabil Hippo Water Can & Sand Express Train Join Silicone Cake, Cupcake & Popsicle Molds For A Whimsical Booth 431 Skaneateles, NY  -- Pint-size scoops, molds, sifters and watering cans are magical tools in the hands of children as they discover the pleasures of playing with sand and water. In addition to "baking" mud pies, they have permission to get little hands and feet messy. In the messy midst of physically raking and padding, there is plenty of cognitive development going on! European toymaker HABA has cooked up parent-pleasing recipes for kitchen and sand toys in 2014. See them all at their American International Toy Fair Booth 431. Parents appreciate toys that are well built, well priced and offer delight while challenging a child's curiosity. HABA scores on all accounts with the roll out of four outdoor toys priced at $5, $7 or $9. A yellow Hand Sand-Claw is sturdy for digging deep and shifting sand into neat piles. The ingenious green Sand-Water Rake leaves precision tracks in the sand. Add a little water to the well at the base of the comb and watch water pour out! Little gardeners will enjoy molding sand into flower art with a 3-piece Sand Gardening set. Create perfect petals, flowers or add a butterfly to the picture. When ready to try an experiment, kids can pick sand or water to pour over the Sand Sieve Magic set. Little ones will be captivated as their ingredients sift through the tiny holes in this bowl and sieve combo set. Sturdy toys are always desirable but how about indestructible ones? Spielstabil, German made toys distributed by HABA in the US, are durable and appealing to little eyes and fingers. They are even tested by kindergarteners to ensure the fun factor! At Toy Fair, look for Baby's Watering Can Hippo. Incredibly adorable and only $12, this two-toned animal loves the water. Fill "him" up and let the water pour out. This hippo can travel to the sandbox, beach or bathtub. Spielstabil's Sand Express is a choochoo-train set with a rolling pin for smoothing the sand. Kids will delight in scooping, molding or riding the three cars across the make-believe tracks. When tots are cleaned-up after their sandbox or beach adventures, introduce them to a kitchen activity. Silicon Kitchen Molds will intrigue kids and grownups. The 8 colorful trays are priced from $10 to $25. First, choose freezing or baking. Both choices will encourage a science lesson in temperatures. Fill these popsicle and ice cube trays with sorbet, water ice or water (not sand) for a nifty treat. Baking molds for cupcakes and cakes can be popped in the oven to create a jungle snake cake or safari-themed cupcakes. Each mold comes with three HABA-tested recipes.
Look for all of these whimsical toys on store shelves by March 2014. Until then, discover the array of HABA games and activities online at here or at specialty stores near home. Many ecommerce sites also stock HABA's beautifully crafted playthings!

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