HABA offers multiple security toys for the youngest children

HABA offers multiple security toys for the youngest children

HABA offers multiple security toys for the youngest children Lovies, binkies and cuddlies are fond names for a child’s special snuggling toy. Almost every child has one as a sort of security item. It has to be with them for naptime, for a stroll around the block or even a ride in the car. If it gets lost? Hold on! Every parent and grandparent knows what a tragedy that becomes. HABA offers multiple security toys for the youngest children which range in size and color. Every toy is made from high quality and safe materials.

HABAUSA.com’s top lovies to love are:

1. Lilliputiens Clara Cuddle Puppet  is brilliantly designed to attach pacifiers. Personalize the label so that there’s no question who Clara belongs to.

2. Uppsala Cuddly Lion A modern design, full of delightful play fun, lies at the heart of the fabric toys in the Uppsala series from HABA. Soft shades of beige, brown, blue, and green have a very calming effect on little ones, while, at the same time, the charming animals stimulate them to play. Little ones will love to cuddle up to this delightful Lion Cuddly. Features include soft fabric, 3 knots for teething, and band to button on a pacifier!

3. Annie Doll has a sweet face with big, blue eyes, stripped socks and bright, red booties for ages 1 – 2. Perfect for cuddling, Annie is hand-washable and your toddler can practice dressing because this dolly fits  HABA’s 13-inch clothing sets.

4. Doll Steven is a breakthrough doll for boys. He’s hand-washable and wears a sporty, football fan outfit and baseball hat. For children 18 months+.

5. Lassig Cozy Blanket is destined to become that 'favorite' blanket you've been searching for - the one your child will fall in love with. Featuring patterned, woven muslin on each side, with 2 soft layers of cotton muslin in between. Perfect for snuggling at home or out and about! Get it for the baby and watch them continue to fall in love with it throughout their childhood!

6. Baby Doll Fritzi is a soft-bodied doll, measuring 16" that is perfect for cuddling and carrying around.  He comes with an adorable jumper and several other outfits and accessories are available separately  as well, allowing your child many ways to learn about care and compassion!

7. Pure Nature Cotti Spelt Lamb is the perfect cuddly friend for the first year of life. The soft, cute lamb is easily grabbed by little hands. He’ll go from playtime to naptime and can dry little tears.  Made with organic cotton and includes an inner spelt pouch that can be heated up in the microwave to soothe.

8. Guardian Angel Dolls make a wonderful gift for a new baby! Felix, Tine, Toni and Felicia are friendly little dolls with darling angel wings that are the perfect size for cuddles.  Let these friendly faces guard and protect your little one while they sleep, and then delight them when they wake!

9. Fabric Bear Titus is made of velour and wears colorful overalls. Your toddler can change Titus’ clothing with outfits sold separately.

10. Lassig Lela Plush Deer This soft and cuddly fawn is sure to become your little one's new bestie! Her large doe eyes and friendly grin will quickly earn her a spot on their "favorite stuffed animals" list. Perfect for a newborn who is just discovering the world or even an inquisitive toddler. Two sizes to choose from - 6" or 10".

Even as adults, we can recall a special, soft companion that was our favorite snuggle toy. Let HABA USA help you find just the right "lovie" for your child!

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