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HABA Hearts Memory Game Featured in US WEEKLY Magazine

HABA Hearts Memory Game Featured in US WEEKLY Magazine

We're thrilled to share this page from the current issue of US WEEKLY featuring a Valentine's Day gift round up that includes our Hearts Memory Tin Game! "Spread the Love - Playdates can find their perfect matches with this memory game." usweeklycreditJan2016 How to play: Lay the hearts face down on the table and shuffle them. Then arrange them into rows. Take care that none of the hearts are on top of each other. To start, the first player turns over two hearts - Do they match? If so, you can keep the hearts and turn over another pair. If not, let everyone see them and place them face down again. Game play continues until all pairs been collected. The player with the most pairs is the winner! Game pieces are made from sturdy cardboard and come in a lovely heart-shaped tin. For ages 4-99 and perfect for 2-4 players. Purchase the game (makes a great alternative to candy!) for your Valentine  

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