HABA Costumes and Props are Safe and imaginative for Halloween and Beyond

HABA Costumes and Props are Safe and imaginative for Halloween and Beyond

HABA's Captain Charlie Pirate Costume in useIt’s not like any child really needs an excuse to play make-believe. It comes naturally to them and playing dress up doesn’t have to end when the decorations come down. When your child goes undercover, they uncover a world of limitless creative possibilities. HABA and Lilliputiens costumes and accessories keep imaginations growing all year round.

Children can be the commanders of their own ships with the Captain Charlie Pirate Costume . This bundle of adorable HABA products is perfect for little pretend pirates. The bundle includes four pieces: jacket, belt, hat and beard. The beard is attached to the hat and is removable. The sword is padded and has a soft core with a handle. And of course, what pirate outfit would be complete without a trusty parrot side kick? This little fellow includes a hook and loop fastener to attach to the jacket.

Your child can play mix and match with elements of the pirate’s outfit to create their own variations. With the Captain Charlie Jacket and Belt on its own, your child can become the Ring Master of a circus or the conductor of a speedy train. Captain Charlie’s Hat and Beard comes with a removable beard for impromptu switches to the clean-shaven look or if certain little ladies would like to be the commanders of their own ships.

Sometimes you just have to fend off the bad guys. Fortunately, Captain Charlie’s Sword only looks menacing. Shhhh, don’t tell the kids it couldn’t hurt a flea. Dress as a mighty pirate or conquer the bad guys when acting out as a Knight in Shining Armor. Small knights can easily put this armor on themselves thanks to the hook and loop fasteners. The armor comes with an extra chest protector showing a fiery dragon and adjustable belt that fastens with a magnet. The costume is entirely made of foam and fabric, making it washable, soft and safe.

Henry HABA costume  A suit of armor isn’t complete without a shield like Henry HABA Strong’s Shield. Defend the Knights of the Roundtable with this padded shield held by a soft core handle. It is made entirely of foam and fabric and is washable, soft and safe. Every good knight needs a helmet, like the Henry Haba Strong’s Helmet with a visor that can be flipped shut. The soft and safe helmet is made of foam and fabric so that it can be washed. The entire ensemble comes packaged as the Henry HABA Strong Knight Costume.

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Rarrr! Ignite imagination with this wonderful Walter the Dragon Disguise consisting of a winged cape and reversible mask … fire not included. This lively ensemble promises the spinning of some medieval tales only the drama of a dragon can inspire.

Buzz buzz! Explore the outdoors like never before … without leaving the house or yard.  let this lovely Julie the Ladybird Disguise featuring cape and reversible mask re-imagine the beautiful black dots of the beloved bug and beckon a day of make-believe.

Enjoy the fantastical life of a fairy with the Fairy Fina Dress Set. Great for pretend play, this gorgeous matching set (pieces sold seperately) bring Fairy Fina's character to life!   Any time of year, the Fairy Fina Dress Set, will transform little ones into a fairy, princess or even a square-dancing angel if they want!  Perfect for creative role play and pink fairy dreaming! Fits children 3-6 years (approx size 2T-7).

 3834HABA’s costume props are the finishing touch for Halloween. Play future physician or paramedic with the Doctor’s Suitcase First Aid Kit. The First Aid Kit contains 1 prescription block, 1 pencil, 1 spatula, 1 wooden syringe, 1 tube of ointment, 1 spoon, 1 thermometer, 4 Band-Aids, 1 elastic bandage, all in a metal suitcase with wooden handle. The Doc HABA Kit is similar to the doctor's Suitcase, but plush and includes stethoscope, mask and blood pressure cuff for even more imaginative fun.

Check out HABA’s costumes and other pretend play items for Halloween and beyond! Your child will have a unique costume that is sturdy enough to long after a spooktacular holiday, far into months of spirited fun.

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