HABA & Lassig Products Featured on Holiday Travel TV segment

HABA & Lassig Products Featured on Holiday Travel TV segment

Traveling with children can be a challenge, especially this time of year when the weather may be treacherous and the holiday crowds make everything a bit crazier. Check out two of our products that were recently featured on KPNX-TV, Arizona Midday show in Phoenix. The segment is called "Mom Minute Travel Tips" which some of you may find really helpful right now if you plan to go anywhere for the holidays. Whether you're going a few towns over or a few time zones over- the HABA mini Bingo game will provide some entertainment, while our collection of Lassig Rolling Suitcases will help your little ones stay organized!

KPNX-TV, Arizona Midday (Phoenix, AZ Market 11) and it is during a Holiday Travel segment. The feature is for HABA's mini bingo game and lassig suitcase.Check out the clip here and be sure to share with other parents if you found these tips helpful!

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