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Guest Post: Playing for the Health of It

Guest Post: Playing for the Health of It

This post is brought to you by HABA USA and written by guest blogger Brody Sheard. Original publish date 8/12/15.

If you know games, you know HABA. I love HABA games, and let me tell you why. I think we can all agree that our health is important. We know that we should exercise, we should eat well, and so on. But there might be some other things missing that can make a huge difference in our health. Far too many times I see parents using electronics to try to distract or entertain their children. It seems like life isn’t how it used to be. We are now reading about studies done that show children using electronics (TV, cell phones, video games, iPads) have lost their imagination, have social problems, and there is a great chance there is a lot more happening then just that.

As a new dad, I have decided with my wife to try to accomplish the healthy part for our new little girl. We want to make sure she grows up without many of the problems we see happening. I understand everyone has different circumstances, but we have a goal of when we will let our girl use a phone/ watch TV / use an iPad / and use a computer. I know that the best alternative for her is to let her learn through board games. Many board games let you be social. Children will talk with others who are playing by laughing, asking questions, or even teaching you what you should do on your turn.

Board games are intellectual, especially for kids. Kids need this type of stimulation for their brains to develop. Each age has different critical areas that are needed for this intellectual development. Challenging the mind helps the kids later on in life when they are able to pull ahead of others because of past experiences they have gone through. These games, believe it or not, also help us older adults. We are able to use certain areas on the brain that might not always get used. When we use it we can grow. You might have heard someone say, “use it, or lose it”, this is exactly what they are talking about. You need to use your brain in challenging situations or you will lose it and not be able to use it.

Not many would play board games if they weren’t fun. Having fun is the obvious draw to playing a board game. Board games can be fun for many different reasons. Some might think it is fun because it’s challenging or makes them use a part of their brain they don’t use so often. Some think it’s fun because they are able to get together with friends or family. Whatever your preference is, there is something in playing board games that makes it fun for everyone.

board games nurture competitive drive in childrenBoard games can give you a competitive drive. I’m not sure where this comes from, but you start out playing games because you want to do something with your friends. This game makes many fond memories and you continue to play more and different type of games. As soon as you realize it, something has come over you where you don’t play games just to past time, but you bring the best out in yourself and others and it becomes competitive. Just understand that it’s only a game.

After playing board games for years, I can tell you that you develop many skills. These skills don’t only help you when your competitive drive kicks in against your husband, wife, or kids, but they also help you in life overall. You learn skills that help you interact with others, help you organize and plan, or help you for-see possible problems before hand. These skills you learn are endless, and many times you don’t even realize that you are using them in the other aspects of your life. You will be surprised how fast your kids learn how to become more strategic in their life, trying to get what they want. These skills will always benefit you from there on out.

These 5 aspects make board games a healthy activity and will bless you with health beyond those who think being healthy is just exercise and eating well. HABA has all of these 5 aspects included in their games. Some of their games are weighted more social than others, and some are weighted more intellectual. This depends on your skill, your age, and the level of competitiveness you would like. Every single HABA game I have played is fun, even the simple ones. Take a seat at the table with your kids and pull out a HABA toy or game and stay healthy.

About The Author

brody sheardBrody Sheard works in the medical field and strives to live a healthy life. He reviews, plays, and teaches how to play games to those in his community and on his youtube channel called “The Healthy Meeple”. He plays board games with game groups, friends, and family including his wife and he can’t wait to start playing board games with his little girl when of age.

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