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Go Cuckoo Wins Cannes Children's Game of the Year Award

Go Cuckoo Wins Cannes Children's Game of the Year Award

updated 2/23/17 at 4:08 PM

cannesHABA's deterity game Go Cuckoo, designed by  Josep M. Allué and Víktor Bautista i Roca has won Children's Game of the Year at the International Cannes Games Festival

(as d'or Enfant - jeu de l'année). With over 250 exhibitors, 200 game inventors and more than 150,000 visitors, the Cannes festival is one of the largest in Europe dedicated to board games, second of course to the Spiel International Fair in Germany.

According to the Cannes tourism website: Cannes will award the best game of the year chosen from new games on the French market that combine creativity, diversity, faultless mechanisms and rules and….a lot of fun for the whole family!

cuckooHABA USA is very proud to have this fantastic family party game -  Go Cuckoo in our product selection and beyond thrilled for its well-deserved French Children's Game of the Year award!

It is certainly a delight to be able to add it to our recent list of worldly board game accolades along side Brandon the Brave's nomination for German Children's Game of the Year, Karuba's nomination for German Game of the year (Spiel des Jahres) and Adventure Land's Dutch Game of the Year win!

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