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Gifts & Decorative Accessories Magazine - Loco Lingo Game Perfect for Kindergarten Prep!

She's Got Game: Haba Loco Lingo Kindergarten

HABA Loco Lingo Board Games"Today, my almost 5-year-old had kindergarten orientation, and couldn't have been more excited (or me for her). After visiting a kindergarten classroom, meeting the principal and taking a spin around the school on a bus, she would have happily begun school today! Luckily I have a few months to prepare myself (read: stock up on Kleenex) and so does she. Before we leave the fun world of preschool, it doesn't hurt to keep her already-active brain in tip-top shape. How apropos that we received a new board game to help get ready for September. HABA's Loco Lingo Kindergarten is a visually-driven game that tests memory, storytelling and other basic learning skills that make a solid foundation for that first year of school. Picture cards make it easy for pre-readers to take part in the game play, as they master rhyming, solving riddles and other activities. My preschooler played multiple rounds of this game with her 8-year-old sister as teacher. The girls had a blast together: the older enjoying a chance to prove her smarts to her little sister, while the little one gushing over all the new stuff she'll be learning, come September. This game comes with plenty of suggested activities, but you can also make up your own games. As we always think, the best part of playing is when the kids don't realize they are learning as they're having fun. With Loco Lingo Kindergarten, your little one will as excited about starting school as you are about watching her grow. In a Nutshell: Get ready for school with a new board game that's easy to play, especially with an older sib." -Pamela Brill

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