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Four Must-Have Items in Your Preschooler’s Room

Children from the ages of 3- to 5-years-old can be classified as explorers. During this timeframe both boys and girls learn to use their imaginations and they know how to make a mess. And that’s all the more reason to create safe and fun play areas for your child in a quiet area of the their bedroom! We recommend four items for your preschooler’s room that will encourage exploration and imaginative play, but will also help to reduce the mess throughout the house. HABA Rugs1.     Is it a rug or a plane? Rugs provide warm and soft landings for little feet, knees, and bottoms. Rugs also create a special place in a room for make-believe activities.
  • Say that the rug is a ship or a car or a plane.
  • There’s lava outside of the rug!
  • On the rug is considered inside. Off the rug is considered outside.
Another great use for a rug, a designated place for “time out” for naughty children. 2.     Everything has its place. Does your child have favorite dress-up hats and scarves? Or a collection of knights armor mail gear? A decorative clothes hook will not only add charm to a bedroom wall, but it’s also a place for your child to hang favorite or commonly used pieces of clothing. This can be especially useful if the preschooler is too small to reach clothes in the closet or dresser drawers. Plus (and this one is a biggy), clothes hooks make it easier for your child to keep the bedroom tidy. See our preschooler pin board for great hooks and organization ideas! 3.     Weeeeeeee! Chances are you didn’t have an indoor swing when you were a kid, but lucky for today’s kids there are indoor swings that are safe, decently sized, and super fun. HABA sells a few indoor swing seats for ages 10 months and up, including the Ship’s See-Saw for children over three-years-old. The ship holds up to 176 pounds and hours of endless entertainment. 4.     In case you need to make bedtime more fun. We’re not saying your preschooler should sleep in the tent that fits in the corner of the bedroom, but if your young guy or gal is more eager to rest in his colorful new indoor tent, would that be a bad thing? We say “no.” We also say that for children 18 months and up an indoor tent could be an excellent place to stage make-believe games or to hide out and snuggle with stuffed teddy bears. What must-have items do you think belong in a preschooler’s room?

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