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Five New(ish) HABA Games That Have Game Night Staying Power!

Five New(ish) HABA Games That Have Game Night Staying Power!

Looking for that perfect game for your next family game night? No matter the age group, we've got you covered! Here at HABA, we know that when choosing a board game for your family, you probably have a pretty standard set of criteria you look for...

Attractive theme and artwork - we've always been taught "don't judge a book by its cover"  - but admit it, you do any way!

Quick Set-up - because who wants to spend 20 minutes setting up a game that may only take 10-15 minutes to play?

Easy to Learn - There's nothing more intimidating than a game with a thick set of instructions. And inevitably you'll get done reading them and the kids will be like "so, how do you play?"

Fun to Play - This one is obvious. But unfortunately, there are a lot of boring kids' games out there!

Fortunately, HABA games have great artwork and quality components, set up is always quick, they're easy to learn and teach. OH and fun? HABA games are some of the most fun around! -- YES, even for parents! (we're serious!)

Check out these five new(ish) HABA board games we think...no, we KNOW your family will enjoy time after time!

Honga - 8+

This beginner strategy/resource management game will take you back in time to the STONE AGE where you will be hunting and gathering resources, taking strategic actions and collecting victory points.

Set up is quick and easy and and game-play is in that sweet spot of 30-45 minutes.

With multiple paths to victory and light player interaction, this game will have you coming back again and again to play with Honga, the local saber-tooth tiger that's really just a big kitty at heart!

Snail Sprint - 5+

Snail Sprint is a magnetic snail racing game where wooden snails not only crawl over each other but up and over the magnetic tin on their race to the finish line! Encourages color recognition and even a bit of beginner strategic thinking! Check out this quick how-to video to learn more!

Karuba Jr. - 4-8

This is an exciting junior variant of our most popular family game "Karuba"! Cooperation is the only way to win against the mean pirates! Help each other during the game, discuss moves and give each other tips about where a tile fits well. Did you manage to connect all three treasure tiles with the beach via an unbroken path? And is an adventurerstanding on each of the treasure tiles? Great! You win! If you get lost in the jungle and can't place anymore tiles, or if the pirate ship reached the last space on the beach first, sadly you have lost and the pirates have won. 

Unicorn Glitterluck - A Party for Rosalie - 4+

Help the unicorns cooperatively find all the friends, get them to the party cloud and collect all ten cloud crystals! Hurry, everything needs to be ready before baby Rosalie arrives at the surprise party. A cooperative movement and collecting game. Includes 5 cute wooden unicorns and 10 extra-large glitter stones. Quick setup and plays in about 15 min.

Princess Pile-Up - 3+

Normally Penn, the little pea princess, doesn't like to go to bed. But today she is very tired. To make sure she gets a good night's sleep, Penny stacks a high tower of mattresses, down comforters and pillow on top of each other in her bed. It is very soft, but very wobbly. Who can help Penny stack everything on her bed, to get a good night's sleep?Includes both a cooperative and competitive variations to keep things fresh!

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