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Preschool Game: Tactile Dominos

by Richele McFarlin | More from this Blogger 20 Jun 2012 05:44 PM Game: Tactile Dominos Made By: HABA Price: $31.49 Age Recommendation: 4 and up Game Description: Skillful hands will only use touch to find just the right curves, corners and edges in the fabric bag. Suitable as a free arrangement game for domino beginners, it can also be played as a solo variation. Material: 27 colored wooden domino tiles made of beech wood. My Thoughts: This game puts a creative twist on a regular game of dominos. The game comes with 27 colored wooden game pieces or dominos. Instead of the dominos having dots to represent numbers the dominos have different edges and corners. The dominos fit together like a puzzle. The trick is to pick the right piece to fit without looking. I love how the game incorporates a tactile function that works seamlessly with the game and is not forced. It is simply fun. It is not so challenging that is becomes frustrating but just enough to make the game interesting and fun. I played the game with my three and seven year old girls. My three year old was capable of playing and understanding the game. It took a few times but she soon got the hang of it and enjoyed the game. It was a bit too easy for my seven year old but she is hardly a preschooler anymore. However, she was happy to play. Both decided to play few more times and asked again the next day to play. The game is fast but just the right amount of time for the preschool attention span. It is easy to store all the pieces in the fabric bag. The game can be played with two or more players. However, the game can be played solo. My three year old enjoys playing it on her own as well. A great little game that your preschooler will enjoy.

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