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Playtime with a New Best Friend Playtime With a New Best FriendRichele from shared a great review of our Gotz Maxy Aquini Doll. See what she had to say!

A girl and her doll quickly become best friends.  I have no use for dolls that sit on a shelf or dolls that can’t keep up with an active child.  A girl’s doll is a time capsule of her childhood.  Years later she should be able to share her doll with her own children.  I remember how special it felt when I had the opportunity to play with my mom’s childhood dolls.  Except my mom’s dolls were in no shape to see a second childhood.    In a world where everything is consumable sentimentality is lost and the sweetness of little girls playing with a long time companion lasts only a short season.  For this reason, I am thankful for Gotz Dolls. Read the rest

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