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Fall-Themed Fun For Every Age

Fall-Themed Fun For Every Age

HABA has every age range covered when it comes to fun, and Fall is an especially great time to cozy-up inside and get your play on! Check out this special curated selection of Fall-themed toys and games that range from spooky to spectacular. Baby Book Four Seasons (age 10 mos+)

It's never too early to introduce your little one to books. Even infants can benefit from simply hearing the sound of your voice. Through vibrantly-colored illustrations, this wooden book explores the seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter. The layered wooden pages are threaded on a sturdy cord and are easily grasped and flipped over.

Webby Walker Pull Toy (age 12 mos+)

This dude may be a spider but he's far from creepy! His eight legs will be constantly on the move as he wobbles and rattles his way to any place your child wants to go. Pull toys encourage coordination such as walking backwards, pulling, crouching and pushing.

Finger Puppets Spider & Bat (age 18 mos+)

halloween-puppets"Creepy-crawly" never looked so cute! These two finger puppets are the perfect addition to your little one's Halloween puppet production! Whether it is making up stories or re-enacting a favorite fairy tale or nursery rhyme - with HABA puppets, there are all sorts of ways to delve into the world of make-believe.

Witch Glove Puppet (age 18 mos+)

Is she a good witch or a bad witch? You choose! Whether she is charming or frightening, this witch is a great addition to any puppet show! Fits like a glove and comes to life in seconds.

Image Projector - Witching Hour (age 3+) WhooOoOoooo can tell the creepiest bedtime story? Kids will love this exciting flashlight image projector for their next sleepover adventure! Offering three functions: nightlight, projector lamp and the classic flashlight function and scan witch between the six images simply by turning the projector dial. Bounce the images across the room and project them onto the ceiling or a wall. The poster illustration contour glows in the dark. Kids can decide whether to project an owl, a bat or a ghost!

Monster Facial Expressions Game (age 5+)

Who thinks they can reach their nose with their tongue? And who can puff out their cheeks the most? The monster-sized funny faces provide guaranteed fun. Here we go! Throw dice, find a monster, make a monster face. A silly game for 2-4 players ages 5-99 that playfully helps to encourage verbal and motor skills.

Ghost Blaster - Board Game (age 5+)

It's midnight and the old clock tower is striking the ghostly hour of 12 o'clock...time for a ghost hunt! Together, players try to hit and trap ghosts by using their powerful goo ammunition. Players must roll the dice in sequence and reveal the ghosts using the ghost hunter cards. Once you have three of the same ghost cards face up, this ghost is the ghost hunter is caught in the trap and must then go into the dungeon. You can free him but that takes up valuable time! Your objective is to capture all of the ghosts before the ghost hour is over.

Clumsy Witch - Board Game (age 5+)

The Clumsy Witch brews her notorious potion. However, that's not so easy as the scatty witch often forgets which ingredients she has already put in the cauldron and which ones are still missing. The players have to help her find the missing ingredients. But only the quickest one gets a magic potion as a reward. The rules of the game can be changed and adapted depending on the skill of the players - to make it more challenging or easier. Younger children, older children and adults can all enjoy this game together. A bewitchingly fun, inclusive family game!

Spookies - Board Game (age 8+)

The haunted house looks even scarier than usual in the light of the full moon. But the four brave friends and their dog dare to enter the haunted house. Who dares to climb up the highest? The player who has collected the most Spookies-points at the end of the game is the winner! You receive Spookies chips every time you venture into the haunted house or climb up one floor. The higher you climb, the more Spookies you can collect. But if you take too high of a risk, you may lose some Spookies as well, so use caution! An exciting Gamer's game for 2-5 players, ages 8-99.

  HABA's Captain Charlie Pirate Costume in use


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