FabulousFindsByTiffany.com - Maxy Aquini Review

FabulousFindsByTiffany.com Review of HABA's Maxy Aquini Doll Tiffany from Fabulous Finds by Tiffany reviewed our Gotz Maxy Aquini Doll. Check out her review as well as her beautiful photography of her daughter! "Just like her last baby doll, Jasmine takes her new doll, Rebecca with her wherever she goes. Jasmine even makes sure Rebecca is buckled in the seat next to her when we go somewhere in the car, it’s truly the cutest thing ever. Jasmine has a little crib next to her bed and that’s where her baby doll and big girl doll sleep every night. Seeing Jasmine with her doll puts a huge smile on my face, she takes such good care of her dolls. Maxy is so well made. The attention to detail is exceptional and by far, one of my favorite dolls that Jasmine has." Read the Resd

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