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Encourage Toddler Cognitive, Social & Emotional Development with First Game Play

Encourage Toddler Cognitive, Social & Emotional Development with First Game Play

Some of the most exciting moments in parenthood are all of those "firsts"  -- baby's first breath, first bath, first smile, first giggle, first time rolling over, first time sleeping through the night, first solid foods, first word, first few steps...and the list could go on! The first few years of a child's life are believed to be the most important in terms of brain development. Children are constantly growing, changing and developing to reach new motor, cognitive, social and emotional milestones.

HABA My Very First GamesWhile we know unconditional love and support are every parent's number one priority when it comes to caring for their child, HABA believes that learning and playing should come next! That is why we've developed several lines of toys and games tailored specifically for toddlers and preschoolers.

HABA's My Very First Games were designed to stimulate learning and development through play early on.  All of these "first" games can be played competitively or cooperatively --where there is not just one winner.  Most importantly, every game has simple rules to be understood, remembered and followed.  Each game comes with instructions and also doubles as a toy set for open play, to encourage imagination and creativity.  The solid wood pieces are chunky and easy for little fingers to grasp, and the various game boards are vibrant and cheery with bright colors and bright scenes. My Very First Games focus specifically on sorting, matching, counting, stacking, listening, building, puzzles and color and shape recognition to stimulate and further develop all the senses.

HABA's My Very First Games are recommended for ages two and up and most can be played either alone or with up to 4 others. These first games provide a variety of fun choices of game play. Both boys and girls will are sure to enjoy them as they make their way into to the exciting world of board games!

In addition to board games, HABA also offers several other "first" sets including My First Noah's Ark, My First Ball Track and Building Blocks First Number Fun.  The over sized pieces in these sets make them perfect for inquisitive toddlers to grasp and manipulate.

My First Noah's Ark - With this sturdy ark, children will love re-enacting the famous story of Noah's Ark. The animals enter the boat in pairs and set off on their journey. The solid beech wood figures are brightly colored with friendly detailed faces. Set includes Noah, his wife and 10 animals.

My First Ball Track - What a great introduction to the world of HABA ball track sets! The over sized track and chunky design makes this perfect for all little builders. Colored connecting blocks lock into place to withstand little ones excited unsteadiness. Best of all, as the child grows the First Ball Track sets can be used with other HABA block and ball track sets!

Building Blocks First Number Fun - Whether they feel like building structures or doing simple math - your little pupil will adore this solid wood block set. Includes 10 cubes with numbers, one plus sign, one minus sign, one equal sign and two with with mini chalk boards for writing on with the included chalk!

The HABA "first playing" sets are simple enough to be enjoyed by toddlers and versatile enough to be combined with other HABA sets and enjoyed by all ages. Explore our entire offering of toddler toys online or look for them in a specialty toy store nearest you!

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