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EmilyReviews.com - Lilliputiens Baby Lucy Doll

Aside from it being absolutely adorable, Emmy from Emily Reviews loves the Lilliputiens Baby Doll Lucy for her Nephew because its safe for all ages AND she has a pet Hedgehog just like herself! EmilyReviews.com Review Of Lilliputiens Baby Lucy Doll"I was drawn to Baby Lucy because she is safe for all ages, so this is a doll that I can feel comfortable with him using without supervision. I’ve known children who get interested in playing with baby dolls even before 18 months, so being safe for all ages would be great for children like that as well. I was also drawn to Baby Lucy because she has a stuffed hedgehog toy instead of a teddy bear. As a hedgehog owner, I thought this was insanely cute." Read the rest of the review

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