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Eco-Friendly Meets Style with Lässig's Green Label Bags

Lässig is a globally recognized, family-owned fashion and accessory brand based in Germany who like HABA is setting the standard when it comes to corporate sustainability.

HABA USA is pleased to be the new exclusive US distributor of Lässig, whose products are all PVC free, phthalates free, nickel free, cadmium free and AZO free. Lässig is a great fit for HABA USA because they too continuously strive to minimize material waste and manufacture with the least amount of environmental impact as possible.

Live Lässig

The Lässig brand embodies an ideal blend of versatility and innovation, with convenient features and chic details to combine fashion, safety and sustainability. A company dedicated to creating consciously-crafted diaper bags, kids' bags, bibs, dishware and other high-quality accessories for the modern family.

In addition to being eco-friendly, Lässig ensures that their products are durable and made to last. Lässig production adheres to strict quality control measures and is constantly monitoring production standards.

Committed to the Environment & Global Community

All production facilities involved in the cutting, sewing, or finishing of products for Lässig must comply with their Terms of Commitment. These facilities are continuously evaluated to ensure compliance. Lässig works on-site with their suppliers all over the world to develop strong alliances dedicated to responsible business practices and continuous improvement.

They are committed to only doing business with suppliers who share their commitment to the environment and who conduct their business in a way that is consistent with their own environmental philosophy and principles. Suppliers' working conditions must be safe and clean, workers must be fairly compensated, allowed the right of free association and not exploited in any way. Use of child, prison or forced labor is not tolerated by Lässig and they have even taken a stand to not utilize suppliers who use child labor in any of their facilities.

Lässig's Green Label Bags Turn Trash into Functional Fashion

A great example of Lässig's cutting edge innovation and concern for the environment is their line of Green Label diaper bags made from polyester fabric sourced from recycled plastic bottles. These chic, stylish bags are perfect for the eco-conscious and modern parent because no longer do they have to sacrifice style for sustainability. This special polyester fabric is called CyclePET, which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles. PET bottles are those that have a “1” inside the universal recycling symbol symbol on the bottom.

Billions of plastic water, soda and juice bottlespollute the land and ocean endangering the welfare of all species. Lässig's diaper bags help reduce waste by utilizing bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, someone’s yard, or the sea. Using CyclePET also protects the earth's valuable resources by reducing unnecessary strains on the environment during the manufacturing process. Compared to traditional production methods, producing fabric from recycled materials reduces waste water by 20%, energy consumption by 50%, and harmful emissions by 60%. Therefore, using this CylePET material instead of new polyester raw material doubles the environmental benefit.

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, a plastic polyester. PET bottles are crushed, cleaned and blended into a small powder. Later it is melted and processed into long threads that are woven into the CyclePET fabric. 16 20oz. bottles = 1 yard of fabric. Because the bottles used to make this polyester were first used for food and drink, the plastic itself by law is free of BPA and other harmful chemicals, making it a great option for reuse.

Lässig's Unique Mix Perfectly Compliments HABA USA's Existing Array of Quality European Brands

HABA USA is proud to be promoting and distributing products from this growing eco-concious, family-owned company and look forward to helping Lässig become a household name in the US baby and kids market!

Look for more of their products including several other varieties of fashionable diaper and day bags for both Mom and Dad, belly bands for the pregnant Mom-to-be, elegant nursing scarves, bibs, dishware, children's luggage and on HABAusa.com. And of course, because Lässig is now distributed by HABA USA, you can find this wonderful brand at your local specialty toy store and children's boutique along side other HABA USA brands!

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