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DoesMommyLoveIt.com - Lilliputiens Wolf Handpuppet & 3 Little Pigs Review

CeCe from DoesMommyLoveIt.com and her boys reviewed our Lilliputiens Wolf Handpuppet & 3 Little Pigs... DoesMommyLoveIt.com Review of Lilliputiens HandpuppetsVerdict: Mommy LOVES IT! "Implementing a love for literature in my boys is one of the top things I work on in parenting, along with many others.  I cannot tell you the different spins of the old tale The Three Little Pigs we have read.  It continues to be a favorite among my boys and they have loved reenacting it by using HABA’s Lilliputiens Wolf Hand puppets & 3 Little Pigs!" Read her entire review

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