Deck The Halls With Gifts From HABA Fa-la-la-la-la In Love With 19 New Toys

CONTACT: KidStuff Public Relations Lisa Orman • 608-767-1102 Give Kids Old-Fashioned Toys Like Dolls, Games and Play Sets Made Lovingly By German Craftsmen (And Skip The Chargers & Cords) Skaneateles, NY (August 9, 2013) -- When it's time for parents (and grandparents) to make a list and check it twice, don't forget to add something from HABA for the youngest members in the family. Start your holiday shopping early with these 19 suggestions -- just arrived from Germany -- from the European toymakers at HABA. Dolls, games and play sets lovingly crafted and affordably priced make cherished presents that will be enjoyed now and in years to come. Best of all they will never need a charger, a USB cable or Wi-Fi hot spot. German toymaker HABA is known for handsome, high-quality baby and children's toys, as well their children's games and dolls. The company's products are always seen in national parenting and lifestyle magazines plus they’ve won nearly every prestigious German and American toy award. So as you make your holiday shopping list for the special children in your life -- and check it twice -- take your pick of sweet dolls, soft nursery accessories, water toys and board games especially designed for 2-year-olds among the 1,500 (!) HABA products stocked this season at specialty stores around town and online at Make a special note that Jewish friends will be lighting the first candle on the menorah before Thanksgiving! Hanukkah begins at sundown on Wednesday, November 27, 2013. The Festival of Lights lasts eight nights. To get your wish list started, here are 19 brand-new items -- chosen by HABA experts as notably special and play-worthy -- for all of the good little boys and girls in your world. Roly Poly Figures: Frog • Kasper • Hedgehog • $18.99 each• Ages 6 months + With a gentle nudge or a good thwack, these portly playmates will roll but never fall down thanks to their clever design. Babies and toddlers will develop keen motor skills as their senses take in the colors and sounds of each 6" character. Choose from green and blue Frog, striped stocking-capped Kasper and red and orange Hedgehog. Musical Eggs • $29.99 • Ages 2+ There's nothing fragile about these eggs because they're made of beech wood. But they are magical because when tots shake one, they hear a fascinating sound -- maybe a rattle, perhaps a jingle or even a twitter. The set includes five different colored eggs in appealing yellow, orange, two blues and green. HABA wants consumers to know that these wooden toys hail from Sustainably-managed forests. Pure Nature's Pudgie Puppy • $19.99 • Ages 6 months+ His name may be Pudgie but he's 100% ahhhh-dorable with his floppy ears and cottony soft "fur." Best of all Pudgie is washable since he's made of high quality cotton from controlled organic farming. Parents concerned with allergies will adore this pup. Pudgie comes dressed in a green romper with a patch pocket. He stands 7.5" tall and if you give him a squeeze, he'll squeak with joy! Boating Set • $13.99 • Ages 1+ Splish, splash, kids won't mind getting wet when playing with these three cleverly designed boats. Play with them in the tub or in the kiddie pool. The plastic boats carry surprises when water runs through them -- a spout, a water wheel and a sieve. Tots will like discovering the wonders of water. Parents will be pleased to keep young minds and growing bodies active. My Very First Game - Counting Fun • $28.99 • Ages 2+ 1-2-3, is that four-leaf clover for me? Tots as young as two will relish playing this simple board game that has them helping Farmer Tim feed his flock. Parents or older siblings relay the brief rules of play and kids gleefully count animals before giving them a tasty clover leaf meal. My Very First Game - Here Fishy Fishy! • $28.99 • Ages 2+ The fun is in the catching with this simple board game! Choose free play where youngsters can experiment with the fishing pole, the sea and all the funny sea creatures! Or follow the easy-to-understand rules where children have to catch a fish of the color appearing on the die. Whoever manages to "catch" the correct fish earns a piece to fit into the puzzle template! This game, like all of HABA's My Very First Games, is ideal for older and younger siblings to sit and interact, if only for a short time. Water Friends Angler Set • $18.99 • Ages 2+ You don't need a boat to go fishing with this colorful rod -- a bathtub is perfect! But beware of the feisty shark as you try to catch the various fish happily swimming about. Can you hook all of the sea creatures before the shark catches up to them? My First Play World - Fire Brigade Large Play Set • $49.99 • Ages 18 months+ All play figures are caringly designed and freestanding. The fire brigade leaves endless room for the imagination and fosters a child's language skills through play. The large play set includes 2 firefighters, 1 fire engine, 1 cord as water hose, 1 cat, 1 tree, 1 ladder, 1 fire hydrant, 3 fire game counters, 3 fire brigade game counters, plus game instructions. When play is done, this convenient set folds up into a carrying case for easy storage! Sun Bistro Pizza Bakery • $8.49 • Ages 3+ Mama Mia! "Bake" the perfect pizza with this sandy collection at the beach or in the sandbox. Pack sand onto the pizza plate for the pizza's base and use the three texture stamps for toppings! Set includes pepperoni stamp, chili pepper stamp and mushroom stamp. Don't forget to give compliments to the chef! Nicky Bath Game by Lilliputiens• $29.99 • Ages 6 months+ It's not just tots who need a bath. Baby ducks gets dirty too! Nicky, the mother duck, needs to teach her little ones the proper way to get clean! The babies (with the help of a magnet) can follow each other and stay close to Mommy Duck. When bath time is over, everyone snuggles under the wings of mother Nicky. Marcel Memory Game by Lilliputiens• $29.99 • Ages 2+ Test your memory with this fun challenge. Kids of all ages will giggle as they bury their small hand inside Marcel‘s tummy. Touch the cards and discover the different hidden materials. Then try to match up the pairs -- either with or without looking, depending on the child's age. Hook Table Seat by Götz • $29.99 • Ages 3+ Have Julia and all of the Götz dolls (up to 19"!) join you at the table for mealtime. This cute pink floral and striped designed table seat will spark conversation and imaginative play at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't forget to give dolly her own napkin! Find these beautifully crafted play things at specialty stores near home and online at many ecommerce sites. 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