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DailyMothering.com - Animal Upon Animal Review & Giveaway

Haba “Animal Upon Animal — Here We Turn!” Board Game Review & Giveaway!

August 3, 2012 37 Comments

I’ve always been a fan of Haba toys. Made in Germany, most of them are crafted from wood, cloth, or other quality materials, instead of plastic. They feature exceptional attention to detail and I am never disappointed with their quality or play value. Baby M especially loves his building blocks and play food made by Haba. Recently we had the opportunity to review a Haba board game and I was thrilled for the opportunity to own another one of their amazing products.

Haba "Animal Upon Animal -- Here We Turn!" Board Game Review

We received the new Haba board game called Animal Upon Animal — Here We Turn! In German, that’s Tier auf Tier — Jetzt geht’s rund! which is what you will see on the box. I’m not familiar with the German language and I was thankful that everything is also printed in English on the box and in the instruction booklet. The game is designed for 2-4 players, ages 5 and up, and is fun for children and adults alike! This is a perfect family game and also great for siblings or friends to play together.

Haba "Animal Upon Animal -- Here We Turn!" Board Game Review

The game includes a board with rotating disk on which a wood crocodile piece and shark piece are placed.

Haba "Animal Upon Animal -- Here We Turn!" Board Game Review

The object of the game is to stack all of your animals on top of the crocodile without making any of them fall off. To begin the game, players take turns selecting their wood animal pieces. The first player then rolls the die and does the corresponding action that appears on the face of the die. For example, two dots means you get to stack two of your animals. If you roll the “hand” image on the die, you have to take one of your animals and give it to another player, who will then stack it on the crocodile. Whenever a player is finished stacking animal(s) for their turn, they must rotate the spinning disk to the next booey on the game board, moving it whichever way the shark fin is swimming. As they rotating it, they will pass the picture of an animal on the board game and must imitate the sound of that animal. The end of the game arrives when one of the players has used up all of their animals — they are the winner!

For a more challenging version of the game, you can insert the little blue hemisphere shape underneath the rotating disk to make the disk seesaw dangerously as the players take their turns. This makes the game a lot more interesting for older children and adults!

Overall this is a very simple game but a lot of fun! It is very easy and quick to set up, which is great for young children. I love that the pieces are painted wood instead of plastic. And it’s great to have a game that young children, older children, teenagers and adults can all play together. Baby M is still a little too young to understand the game concepts, but he enjoys playing with the pieces and practicing stacking them and knocking them over. I can see this game becoming a favorite in our house when Baby M and his little brother are 4+.

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