- Sand Toys Review - June 2012

Haba beach toys - not your ordinary shovel and pail

Well July is here. And if you are anything like me, you don't even start looking for the beach toys until beach season is well underway, and the kids are sitting in their car seats, eager and ready to go. And that's when you discover that you've lost half of your shovels, broke the plastic watering can and can only find a couple of pails that still have dead marine life in them from last summer. Don't be like me. Get some shiny new beach toys now! I really like the cute new beach toys from Haba, who make loads of high-quality toys that go through some pretty major safety tests before they get into my kids' hands. This summer, I have my eye on their Sand and Water Workshop, a three-piece set that's great for those kids who like to really get creative with their sand projects. Haba Ice Cream beach toysAnd how cute are Haba's Ice Cream Sand Toys? They'll have your kids asking you, Would you like seaweed on that?  And even if your kid decides to lick the BPA-free, food-grade plastic on either the colorful cones or smiling sand scoops, at least you can rest assured that the worst thing she is ingesting is the sand. My own kids are going gaga over Haba's collapsible water bucket with its little easy-on valve that can fill a moat or turn a sand groove into a river. And I love that the pail ingeniously squishes flat so that your load isn't quite as big. After all, who do you think is carrying all this stuff from the car to the blanket? -Christina

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