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HABA Has A New Website With New Quality Wooden Toys! *Review* - Website & Product ReviewCheckout's rundown of our new website and their review of our Building Blocks Domino set: "HABA's Building Blocks Domino set is perfect for all master constructors ages 3-10 years! You're little builder can build a domino track of his/her very own! All they have to do is stack the domino blocks, set the red starting tile in motion, and away they go! From straight rows to long winding trails and high towers to flat tracks, every build will be creative and unique and will end with a cool collapse! This set contains 61 domino blocks, 8 naturally colored wooden blocks, 6 block clamps, 2 wheel clamps, 2 conveyor wheels, 2 metal rods with eyelet, and 6 marbles. They can also be combine with any of the marble run and ball track sets from HABA!" Read the entire post "Like" ChubbyCheeksThinks on facebook!

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