Child’s room: Make it modern, functional and hard wearing

Child’s room: Make it modern, functional and hard wearing

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Children grow up incredibly quickly, their needs and desires change on an almost daily basis. It can be difficult to keep up with these needs and to keep their rooms ready for any activity they wish to undertake. There are a variety of tips and tricks which will help you to decorate a child’s room so that it is modern, functional and hard wearing. The following trends fit all these criteria:

marrakesh tentPastel colors Pastels are making a big come back and are an excellent choice for any room. They are generally bright colors which stimulate a child’s imagination whilst being soothing enough to help them calm and sleep at the end of a busy day. Even better, a pastel color will go with most themes and can be adapted as your child grows; preventing the need for constantly repainting the walls.

Themes A child’s bedroom needs to reflect their current interests, but as they change quickly it is essential to be able to adapt the room quickly and effectively. The best way to do this is to use the accessories, pictures, bed sheets and other soft furnishings. These can be easily changed as your child grows.

Stickers Particularly when your child is young you may be very keen to have a stimulating and entertaining scene on the wall, such as their favorite cartoon or a space scene. These can be easily created on a pastel wall with the use of stickers. These come in a huge range of designs and, if you choose the right ones, they will simply peel off again in the future without damaging the walls.

Wallpaper This will create a more permanent affect and will either need careful removal or several coats of paint to change in the future. However, feature wallpaper can create a stunning effect in any room and can reflect their exact interests; whether dinosaurs or robots.


Stripes can be painted or papered onto your walls and you can even add them to the ceiling! They will create a visually appealing surface and can even be used to create a theme in their own right, such as a circus tent! They can also help your child to learn to define space.

Storage It doesn’t matter how big your child’s room is there will always seem to be an issue with storage. Part of this stems from the fact that children generally do not like to put things away. However, if items are kept in easily accessible containers and clearly labeled it is much easier for a child to learn to tidy up after themselves. The best storage options are those that are at your child’s height and are built into the room. Furniture can be easily brightened up with paint or stickers to create a storage container which fits with the theme of the room. Shop HABA Storage cubes >>

High space If your room has high ceilings you can make use of the space nearer the ceiling. An emerging trend in children’s bedrooms is to create a high settee, possible above the bed to give your child their own, personal reading or creating space. The effect makes the most of the available space whilst adding an extra dimension to any room.

Designer furniture A variety of furniture pieces, such as the hanging chair can add a level of sophistication to any room. It can also be crafted to form part of almost any theme. It could be a princess’s castle or a space theme. The furniture can be used by adults when your child is young and by your child as they grow; ensuring it does not need to be changed!

Another great idea is to consider custom-made furniture pieces. Select a material that you like and can afford, and then picture a vision. Since we’re talking about furniture for your kids, you might want select a timeless model or pattern. Pieces with lots of storage spaces, and additional functionalities are the best. Hardwood is an exquisite choice of material. It is long-lasting, and it can be molded and designed after your child’s very own preferences and sense of style.

Of course, some themes, such as the sport-inspired theme or the princess theme will always be popular. Keep things neat and simple; in a few years your kids will grow and they’ll start having different preferences. Making smack updates annually is an excellent way of decorating their bedrooms without spending a fortune on furniture and decorations. The key is to be able to refresh any room easily and within a small budget. Sometimes the biggest impact can be created with the smallest accessories.

In terms of furniture, it’s always best to opt for quality. This way you’ll be sure that your little ones are comfortable when going to bed at night.

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