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Baby's First Dolls

Baby's First Dolls

If you’ve been frantically searching for the perfect toy for your child (or niece, nephew, friend’s child, etc.) you’ll be happy to know that you’ve come to the right place. Baby’s First Dolls by HABA make the perfect gifts for wee ones to enjoy. Be prepared to see the excitement on your child’s face when opening! You definitely won’t have to worry about this toy ending up at the bottom of a storage bin.

Kids absolutely love babies and dolls, and these wonderful toys help teach qualities like empathy and affection. They also make some of the best toys for stretching your child’s imagination. Playing with dolls is an important creative activity that encourages self-expression, flexible thinking, teaches them to take initiative, and learn to craft their own stories which is crucial to further developing literacy skills.

HABA Baby’s First Dolls let children experiment and see the world from different perspectives. They can literally create their own world where they are free to practice interaction strategies without fear of failure. When they are able to create realistic scenarios and play out scenes from their everyday lives, children learn a ton about communication, problem solving, and how to interact with others. And in today’s technologically-driven society, children can enjoy these dolls with no disruption. Children don’t need instructions for using dolls, they can simply enjoy them and develop lots of critical skills without even knowing it.

Our Baby’s First Dolls collection is designed to grow with your child and meet their needs as they change and learn from babies to preschoolers. These dolls are soft, safe, and the perfect size for little ones to hug and hold. Our dolls are made with HABA’s signature attention to detail. Made with your kiddo in mind, we have designed our toys with the highest quality to ensure this special gift will be loved and cherished for years to come.

Children enjoy that each of our super sweet baby dolls is soft and has a cuddly body that’s just right for snuggling. These dolls offer both fun and fashion with their cute, brightly colored outfits. Parents will also love that maintenance of these toys is super easy. Once the doll gets dirty, simply toss it in the washing machine and it will come out looking brand new again.

Planning your family’s next vacation? These dolls also make the perfect travel companion since they don’t take up much space and can be easily stored away in a carry-on or luggage.

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