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BabyLovingMama.com - Dino Expedition & Henry HABA Costume Review

Henry HABA-Strong’s Armor: Disney FamilyFun Toy of the Year Award

Emilie over at BabyLovingMama.com is just as excited as we are about HABA's Strong Armor winning a Disney’s Toy of Year Award for 2012. After testing over 300 submitted toys with kids of all ages, it is very exciting  for HABA to have not one, but two products chosen out of so many! Check out what Emilie had to say:

BabyLovingMama.com - Dino Expedition & Henry HABA Costume Review

              "We had the chance to try out the set with my four year old who happens to love dressing up and play acting. I surprised him on a beautiful fall day outside with a box from HABA. Inside was Henry Haba-Strong’s Armor along with the matching helmet and sword.  He was definitely surprised and excited!"
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