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BabyDickey.com - Wolf Handpuppet & 3 Little Pigs Review

Ryan Will Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down!

BabyDickey.com review of HABA's Wolf Handpuppet & 3 Little PigsEmily from BabyDickey shared her awesome review of the Lilliputiens Wolf Handpuppet & 3 Little Pigs! "In the upper left photo, Ryan is blowing down the house! In the bottom left photo, Ryan said, “Oh no, mommy! The wolf blew ME down!” The suggested age is 0 – 2, but Ryan is 3.5 and adores it. He now actually uses the puppets and attempts to tell the story – or at least his super adorable version of it. I don’t know how much of that he would have done a year ago – he seems to have just entered the imaginative play stage recently. Rebecca is 1 and she loves the set, as well, but just to hug and carry around with her, haha. The GREAT part is that all the houses and pigs fit in the back of the wolf (where your hand goes), it velcros shut, and there’s even a little loop (that Ryan uses to carry it around like a purse)." Read the rest of her review

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