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ATimeOutForMommy.com - Aquini Girl Doll Review

Little Girls and Their Baby Dolls

ATimeOutForMommy.com Review of HABA's Aquini Girl DollAlaina from A Time Out For Mommy reviewed our Aquini Girl doll, check out what she had to say! "There are no details left out when it comes to Gotz dolls. The Aquini doll has detailed clothing, complete with button holes and pockets, and has life-like baby features. Although the doll we chose to review did not include hair, Gotz dolls are known to have high quality hair which can be washed, brushed, and even styled with a blow dryer or curling iron! My girls are still too young to handle such equipment, but this is a great feature for older girls who love to practice styling hair. You can check out videos  on HABA’s YouTube channel on how to care for your doll’s hair." Read the rest  

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