- Sihu Doll Review

American Indian Doll “Sihu” by HABA USA – Christmas Giveaway Event Day 8 posted a great review of our Sihu doll, check out what she had to say! - Sihu Doll Review"Today’s giveaway is a really fun one.  It’s no secret that I love dolls that are different, not cookie cutter & if they can teach our kids something, that’s a great bonus!  Meet Sihu.  Sihu is an American Indian doll made by HABA USA.  Sihu comes dressed in a colorful dress, headband with feather, necklace & boots.  My daughter, Ashlyn, really loves Sihu’s hair.  It’s tied back in 2 ponytails and is made out of beautiful black chenille." - Tara Read the rest of her post !

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