- Hound Leo Play Set Review

According to this reviewer, our Hound Leo Play Set is a must-have for children even as old as 5! We love to hear how HABA is fun for all ages! ASpectacledOwl Reviews HABA's Hound Leo Play Set"While my youngest son is 5 years old, he’s VERY much into dogs right now so I thought that getting him Leo would be great. Play Set Hound Leo comes with a small, soft blanket, a soft bone & a Melamine Bowl. Leo himself is small enough that kids can carry him around with them anywhere! Sometimes with stuffed animals, I think they can be a nuisance to take out and about. I love that Leo is small enough that Ryan (or even smaller kids) can hold him in one hand and be able to snuggle with him any where he wants. I also love that Leo looks like he is always ready to run & have fun!" Read the rest of the review

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