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Arizona Mama recently reviewed a couple of our products on her blog. Let's see what she had to say! Reviewing the Discovery Set Round and Round: - HABA Mentioned on 2012 Gift Guide"Jayden loves to watch things move and roll.  I really think he takes the time to study things and tries to figure out how they work.  I think this set can really help him to explore even more.  I really like that the set is open to the imagination and it is not an obvious car or something.  Children can make cars, but it doesn't have to be a car.  HABA only uses the best materials so the wood this set is made from is of top quality." Read her full post   Reviewing the Pure Nature Magic Leaf Ball: - HABA Mentioned on 2012 Gift Guide"I know this is going to be a great toy for Evan.  He has taken to grabbing things and the way this ball is made he can easily grab a hold of it.  I don't have to worry about Evan putting this in his mouth since it is made with all natural materials.  Also, I like that it is something that Evan and Jayden can play with together.  Jayden loves balls and I expect that Evan will also be a fan of balls.  I gave Evan the ball and immediately he grabbed it and began squeezing.  He tried to put it in his mouth as expected.  He loved it.  I could not believe how much he held tight and was happy.  This ball was a big hit.  Evan was able to grasp the sides and pull it up to his mouth." Read her full post

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