- Henry HABA Costume & Dino Expedition Review

Henry Haba Strong's Armor & Accessories ~ Review

Jenna over at was delighted to give our Henry HABA Strong costume to her son and had some great things to say about it! She's also just as excited as we are about our recently awarded Family Fun Awards for Henry HABA and Expedition Dino - Henry HABA Costume & Dino Expedition Review"Family Fun play tested over 300 submitted toys with kids of all ages, and chose 30 winners of the 21st Annual T.O.Y Awards.  It was no surprise to me that HABA, a company loved by parents everywhere won not just one, but TWO!! If you're a frequent reader here, you know how much my family loves HABA toys! Offering classic, timeless, and high quality are sure to have fun, learn and use their imaginations while playing with these great toys for many years to come!" Read her complete post

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