A Day’s Adventure with Terra Kids

A Day’s Adventure with Terra Kids

The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that kids ages eight to 18 spend, on average, more than seven and a half hours a day in front of some sort of screen (computer, TV, gaming device, etc.). Too much screen time leads to decreased attention span and health issues. HABA promotes getting out of the house into the great outdoors to explore with our line of  Terra Kids outdoor products specifically designed for children.

What’s that leggy critter up to? Let’s get a closer look with the Observational Magnifier. With it young explorers can scrutinize beetles, spiders, snail shells, pebbles and other natural treasures from really close up!

We hear a noise and see some movement in the bushes off in the distance. What could it be? Better get the Telescope out of its handy, neoprene bag with snap link. It magnifies up to 10 times and comes with a mini compass.

We’ve come across a big expanse of grass and a clearing in the trees. It’s a great spot to try out the Boomerang. Sure enough, every time, the boomerang returns to us after we give it a gliding toss.

Nearby, there’s a small creek, the perfect place to try out the Scoop Net with telescoping handle. Brave ones will love being able to drudge this across the top of the water to see what they can gather. If they're lucky they may just catch a fish!

Strap on the Explorer's Belt and load it up for a successful day of exploring. Everything can be stored safely in the big pocket with hook and loop fastener attached compass. The small pocket houses a magnifying glass with 3x to 6x magnifying capacity. Includes 2 different sized aluminum snap links, a couple of loops and an emergency whistle.

As darkness falls, rely on the Camping Lantern. The most attractive feature about this light is that it shines without any need for batteries. How? Featured is a hand crank and by turning the crank, you activate the generator. The generator produces an electrical current which is stored in the rechargeable battery. The accumulator provides enough energy for the small bright LED lamps to shine. Includes padded handle and convenient aluminum clip.

Tuck in a dream. Adventure is a quality built into a person, not a place. Visit Our Terra Kids section for more adventure ideas.

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